Located in downtown Vancouver, 808 Sunrise Deli is bringing back the simplicity of a family deli serving freshly baked Sunrise Bagels, soups, sandwiches, and salads

Photos by Jodi Buchanan


The famous Sunrise Bagels opened up in 1996 and has been a well known brand offering high quality food, fast & quick service and a friendly family atmosphere.  808 Sunrise Deli is proud to build on to this tradition and is focused on providing local businesses and visitors with a fresh, fast and flavorful option for breakfast and lunch.  Sunrise Bagels are freshly baked offering a large variety of healthy and flavor packed bagels that are sure to satisfy your cravings.

Why 808?  Call it fate or coincidence.  We call it perfect.  808 represents the area code for the State of Hawaii and is also the address to this beautiful building.  Being from Hawaii, it hit home with our family and seem like the perfect choice for a name.



(360) 600-0144



808 Harney Street
Vancouver, WA 98660