Enjoy your favorite bagel with an eggel omelet and your choice of cheese.

American Eggel-$4.50

Supreme Eggel (Add bacon, ham or sausage)-$6.50

Hawaiian Kalua Pork Supreme-$7.00              

Spam Supreme Eggel-$7.00



Hearty burrito stuffed with eggs, hash potatoes, cheddar cheese and your choice of meat. Side of fire roasted salsa available.

Best Burrito.jpg

Bacon Burrito-$8.00

Sausage Burrito-$8.00

Spam Burrito-$8.00

Kalua Pork Burrito-$8.00


Breakfast Bowls

Satisfying breakfast bowls with choice of eggel omelet or 2 over-medium eggs, choice of rice or hash potatoes and choice of meat.

Bacon & Eggs-$8.00

Sausage & Eggs-$8.00

Spam & Eggs-$8.00

Kalua Pork & Eggs-$8.00

Loco Moco.jpg

















Loco Moco

Steamed white rice drizzled with brown gravy, hamburger layered in the middle while smothered with more brown gravy, and the finally topped with two over medium eggs.



                                                                                                                                                       Photos Taken By: Sue O'Bryan